THE 5 BEST BENEFITS OF HOW Self-Storage Can Help When Moving House

THE 5 BEST BENEFITS OF HOW Self-Storage Can Help When Moving House

It’s a well-known fact that Moving house is one of life’s most stressful events, and that’s where Winchester Removals and self-storage can help you. Our removals and storage packages are bespoke and can fit most sensible budgets making your Removal smoother by providing peace of mind when thinking of removals, especially with the added knowledge that you have a safe place for your belongings. Even during this dreadful time, Winchester Removals and Storage have been providing safe and secure removal and storage services to all of its clients in and around Winchester.

From our central Winchester Self Storage Site, we’ve been helping the residents of Winchester and the surrounding area to Move home and office for decades. Our Winchester Removals, Storage, and Self Storage have helped countless homeowners and renters move and we want to help you. Here are just a few of the reasons why you may benefit from our domestic storage service, such as:

  • When you’re packing and unpacking
  • When you’re decluttering your home
  • When you’re trying to sell your home
  • When you’re in-between homes
  • When your new home needs work done

1. Maybe You’re Packing and Unpacking yourself
Packing can be time-consuming and costly part of moving, therefore some clients choose to pack themselves taking the opportunity to declutter whilst reducing their removal costs. By using our Winchester self-storage, you can pack your belongings bit by bit and take it things more leisurely. You can work at your speed working room by room clearing space as you go taking the pressure and stress of having to live around packed boxes for weeks on end, and the same goes for unpacking.
After you’ve moved in, you may want to decorate or build new furniture, maybe you are just having new carpets? So why not give yourself some time to settle in, you could gradually unpack the boxes by taking only a few at a time from your Central Winchester storage unit –as and when you wanted to.
At Winchester Moving and Storage, you can even use our Self Storage Containers for things like your hobby, maybe you have limited storage space at home and those skis or paddleboards are just taking up too much room? Then why not free up your home? If you have items that you don’t need all the time taking up valuable space then our Central Winchester Self Storage Containers are the answer, you can leave your stuff with us for as long as you need.

2. When You’re Decluttering Your Home
Maybe your home appears a little cluttered, and you’re thinking of selling? Why not take the chance to show your home at its best by making it appear more spacious?

  • Most of our clients have much more in their homes than they realise, if you identify with the majority of our clients, then why not consider before putting your house on the market Winchester Removals self-storage service? It will make your pending move much more manageable.
  • Winchester Removals charge by assessing the volume of furniture and effects you want to be moved which dictates the number of staff and vehicles required. If you move some of your possessions into short or long-term storage, you’ll save on both moving time and money.
  • Decluttering helps you see how furniture will fit in your new place, but it also creates a dilemma. What to keep and what to get rid of? You don’t want to end up giving away or selling sentimental items because you felt hurried.
  • Putting your items in storage gives you some breathing space. This is especially important if the move comes off the back of a life event like divorce, a new baby or even moving in together for the first time disposing of items can be hasty, so why not take time and see if you can live without those items before disposing of them.

3. When You’re Trying to Sell Your Home
When selling a property, you want it to look its best for potential buyers. This can be difficult to accomplish if your home is over-furnished of a little scruffy because of those hobbies. Our Self Self-storage can make your house or flat look more attractive by creating space.
You could consider, storing that big piece of furniture in the passageway or maybe it is making a room look crowded. It’s normal to become blind to how much stuff you have collected, so go through everything with a buyer’s mind and keep only a few things on display.
Don’t get too carried away it’s very liberating to declutter, however, you don’t want your home to look completely empty or soulless! The idea is to help potential buyers imagine themselves living there.

4. When You’re In-Between Homes
When buying a property it may sometimes be worth considering breaking the chain if there are problems, if so our Removals and storage options will suit you perfectly It will allow you to move and respond quickly when the right home for you comes along.
Maybe you take a short-term rental and you won’t have space for all your furniture and packed boxes. Why move everything in and out of a rental when our self-storage will be cheaper than renting a larger house with bedrooms you won’t need just for storing your boxes. It’s not worth it if you’re not staying there very long. Take those home comforts and essentials with you, and consider using Winchester Moving and Storage for the rest.
Here at our Central Winchester Storage Centre, you’ll find plenty of storage containers with different options that can help you during your move, including our drive-up units. They allow you to just approach the facility add or retrieve your possessions, and drive away, a process that is quick and simple – and you won’t even need to speak to a member of staff.

5. When Your New Home Needs Work Done
Winchester Self-storage is also the perfect choice if your current or new property is in need of some TLC. Whether you’re looking to extend, renovate or redecorate making some space will make the whole project a lot easier to get work done if the room or home is moved out into Self Storage.
We can help pack, move and store all your stuff and once you have decorated and laid your new floors we can deliver everything back to you making the property feel like home once more. We will do all the hard work, you won’t need to lift a finger.